Facebook Audit

Inspect your Facebook Data

  1. Start here, then click Download Your Information.
  2. Under New File, set Format to JSON and Media Quality to Low.
  3. Once Facebook generates the zip file, download it and then open it below.

We respect your privacy by writing the app to run 100% client-side — feel free to turn off your internet before uploading. Your file never leaves the browser, so we'll never see your data.


It's no secret that Facebook has massive amounts of data on nearly everyone in the world. It's also not a surprise to hear that recently Facebook hasn't exactly done a good job managing that data. Yet most users have never actually seen their account's data. This tool aims to inform social media users of the data exposure they've incurred over their lifetime on the platform, and to start a conversation about the downsides of a strong online presence.


Facebook Audit was designed by Daniel Rassaby, Michael Wheeler, Samuel Xifaras, and Julian Zucker. It was created and submitted as an entry for HackBeanpot 2019 , where it won the "Hack to Give Back" award. Its creators care deeply about privacy online and hope to add new features in the near future.